The Spoon of Doom!

Deep in the underbelly of CrayCray is a creature lurking so hideous, it strikes fear into the hearts of every man, woman and child old enough to pour their own cereal.


Really. It was very innocent. SOMMMEOONNNE poured cereal and other food into a pot in the sink. This slurry was a slimy newtonian glob. There was no way a trash bag was going to hold it in.


I proceeded visit John. I knew he could handle it. John eats anything. In it went. And in slow motion, You can’t stop that style, a lurking spoon danced “Merrily down the drain.”







Um. Yea.  That pretty much sums it up.

I already had fear about poop towers and such. Now there is a spoon just waiting to wiggle it’s way down at just the right time. I’m hoping it works it’s way out like a lego. Otherwise the blockage may be another blog post.



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