I haven’t felt much like writing on here lately.  There are some things that have been hanging over our heads.  It use to be that I would lay this stuff on people.  But truthfully, everyone’s tired of it.  I’m tired of it. 

I love being in Craycray… Still.

I only miss my big giant king sized squishy bed.


So that’s good.

I know this is a season like other hard seasons.


It will pass eventually.

So that’s good.

Someday we will all get to Heaven.

What a day of rejoicing that will be.


Healing will come.

There have been times of worse uncertainty.


And we are stronger for it.

But, sometimes it’s hard to see where the shelter is.


So we will just hold on.





(These pictures are from our home in Minneapolis, Ks. Please link back directly to my site and give me credit. Again these are mine and I don’t release these. — still stupid)






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