Henman to the Rescue

(Disclaimer. These pictures are mine. All mine. Do not steal them or put them on Pinterest or anywhere else without linking back to my site. If you do, I will hunt you down and from my lawsuit have enough money to buy a brand new car and maybe some gas money. Stealing is a sin. God is watching you.)

Thought Cray Cray should show off her sordid past. I believe in transparency.   Just keepin’ it real.


Henman was project manager throughout the whole renovation. Here he is compiling his punch list. It was quite excessive.

One of the first things Henman wanted us to address was “ugly” He said “Me no like that.”



He said he promised he wasn’t talking about his sister.



Crayman said “Oh, that’s not too bad.”


Crayman has been hit in the head a few times.



This is not Crayman’s work. Crayman would have used ducktape.


I jist don’t know why she leaked.  (There are some people who should not legally be allowed to buy a calk gun)


See that house? I want to go shoot it with a paintball gun. (Have I mentioned how much I dislike sticks and bricks?)


Crayman said he might need a little help.


Henman said he knows how to use glue.


(This is where I found Henman. I had time to run into the house to retrieve my camera and back. When I was snapping shots Crayman turned around and was surprised to see Henman behind him. Crayman asked. “Did he crawl up here?”  Uh. yea.)


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