Hot Cakes

Know what I love about CrayCray? She’s not perfect.

I’ve lived in one of those sticks and bricks subs. You know. Cookie cutter houses where as soon as one dude goes out and mows his lawn, there is an obligatory movement by the rest of the men folk.

And I hated it!

All that fakeness.

Isolation. Because everyone wheels it into the garage without so much as a nod.

All that….. “perfect”.

I don’t miss it one lick.

I’m from Huskerville. You do the finger wave even if you don’t know the vehicle. And greet everyone on the street with a “howyadoin’?” And homemade pie is still judged at the county fair.

CrayCray is like that 60 something biker chick that hits the casino FREQUENTLY,uses too much Aqua Net, doesn’t mind to be called “Hot Cakes.”, smells like mothballvanilla and calls everyone “Hun”. I like that chick. She has the best stories. She’s a little rough around the edges and talks like a man from all those smokin’ years.

Our mobile home park has an interesting mix of suburbia and Huskerville. The rigs are all pretty much similar but the folk are downhome. Crayman and I have talked, I could really settle in here. The rent is crazy cheap. And the neighborhood is quieter than our sicks and bricks sub. I kid you not!

Not at all what I expected.

In our society we are so quick to judge a sub-culture that does not fit the standard American dream mold. Most of the people here have N.I.C.E cars.Their yards are neat and their rigs are well kept. I’m sure there parks that are not like this one. But, how many more are?

This week has kind of bit with all the irritating things that weren’t finished before we moved into her. But, I won’t hold it against her. After all. She’s lucky at slots.


4 thoughts on “Hot Cakes

  1. I love the narrative, I laughed out loud and snorted too. I am going to enjoy your comments, it will be like a visit from you and your family. It will give me a pick up. This is the beginning of a GREAT book and testamont to your GODly purpose. It is important not to be fixated on material things, we all accumulate too much baggage. When people say mean things it is out of ignorance or jealousy. You have found your passion and your purpose, may the good LORD continue to bless you and your family.

    • Thanks Diana. I sort of found myself when I let go of some of those old bags. 🙂 I have had so many people in my life tell me I should write a book. I just don’t know what I would write about.

  2. Your RV looks like ours, but ours is older, we must have the big sister and you guys have the younger sister. LOL Even the driver’s side lean is the same. I hope you have many good days and nights with her.

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