Who was that Capped Man?

Our first big obstacle was a big giant hill right out of the lot. We figured it would be a good test on breaks, transmission and motor function. And up she went likity-split. I hear she drives better than the burban.

We didn’t know how much gas she had so we thought we would give her a run down the road for lunch. Our lunch not hers. By now it was about 3 and we were mighty hungry.

When we filled her up she didn’t want to get back going.Sitting behind her I was like “Great! It just figures. This is totally my life….”


Jeff looked in the burban for some tools. We are in construction. We always have tools. We are driving several hundred miles to pick up a vehicle we are unsure about. We should have tools. We have 4 big giant banging tires and 5 kids riding in the back. We don’need no stinkiNg tools. Ha!

Up walks the cappedman. All American country capped man. With a red truck and an All American truck bed tool box. My hero!

Crayman and Cappedman have male bonding time. “Aarrr AHrggggg hrghhh hrhggg hrggg hrgggg!Gho-gho-gho! R-R-R”  It was a beautiful thing.

Cappedman bestowed Crayman with a lifetime of wisdom from being a truck driver.

  1. “Don’t spit into the the wind.”
  2. “That switch there is not auto pilot.”
  3. “Make sure the caps on the poopshoot”
  4. “If you forget the cap,make sure your wife’s not driving behin’ ya.”

Ya know important stuff like that.

Thank you capped man.


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