Get Your Heels on!

wheel love

Do you KNOW how much RV wheels cost?!

Seriously.  You may as well buy a new RV when the babies wear out.  That is, unless you know someone who knows someone.

We have a friend that has a friend that is a scrapper.  And what does he scrap?  Neener neener neeeeener.  RV’s

So he dug around and found 4 (how many we needed) beautiful slightly used tires.


This is not the end of the story.  When we arrived at the consignment store where our house sat (Ha! Buying a house from a thrift store.)…… 2 hours away, the question was asked, “Will they be open?”  Because after all it was Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  Yea.

They were not open!

They had the key!


So without too much conversation, Crayman starts taking the wheels off.  Well,  he went over and discovered that the tire iron did not fit.


So, in transition of this happening as we were contemplating what to do about the tire iron ( Actually I was continuing to listen with my eyebrow raised, involuntary facial ticking and slight eye rolling) A man taking his daily walk comes up and asks how we were doing.  He looks at our tires. Says he has it in his van and starts walking back the way he came.

Enter owner and my conversation.



“You left your key”

“Yea. He thought if you needed to move it…”

(Please ignore the irritating twitch. It’s brought on by stress)

“I’m glad you guys are opened. We wondered’

“We’re not.”


Back comes Crayman (he had taken off in the suburban after the guy) And in tow manwalking in his work van.

And we wait.  Because we didn’t know if the holes would like up to the nuts.

And they did like they were made for each other!

Manwalking apparently had just moved there. He had been a mechanic, but now he was some special something or other for the government.

So, here is the bizarre summary for you.

  • Find Cheap (yea I left that part out. Mounted, great tires for $50 each.)
  • Owner shows up on day off with left behind key
  • Manwalking shows up and gets right sized socket
  • Mounted tires fit like a glove
  • Lights, brakes, transmission electrical all work ( despite the only thing we knew that worked was the engine)

So we started movin’ on down the road.



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