Welcome to the Cray Crays Roll!

We are real excited about what God’s doin’ in our lives.  We recently sold our house and are starting this cray cray adventure.  The Ole girls been bought and just waitin’ for us.  She’s needing some new shoes.  And a little make up.  She’s let herself go in a sad kind of way.  But, we’ll get her spiffied up!

But man did she purr!

When we drove up and got out of the burban we walked right past her and right into the office.  We told the salesman that we were here for her and we wanted to give her a good look see.  he says “she’s open and runnin'”


Yep.  surenuff. She was open and running and we didn’t even know it.  No knocking, No humming or whirling.


Really.  She could be electric for all we know.  (hmm maybe that’s why that cord was danglin’?  We’ll have to find some real long extension cords.)

Now there are somethings I’m a little intimidated with her.  There were an awful lot of unmarked connectors and plugs and spouts. I know when stuff goes in its gotta go out.  Right?  We know where the poop shoot is.  That’s out.  But since it was below freezing we’re really walking by faith that the poop wont just shoot right out of her. We weren’t really able to look in her plumbing.  Melty freezy snow has a way of inhibiting crawling under vehicles.  This may be exciting for the manly man.  Because you sure wont see me under there!

I’ve read about propane.  She’s kind of heffty in the middle with a built in giant tank.  There are some good and bad things about this.  Big tank more gas.  We won’t have to top her off for cooking and such quite as much.  But.  Because it’s built in we don’t know what kind of condition it’s in.  Not to mention the filling part.  So, hopefully I don’t blow myself up the first time I light her up.  Although I can think of worse ways to go.

Bam!  Glory!  There ya go.

I’m a little unhappy about her leaking.  She’s been working on her kegels. JK.  We know that the owners did some patching.  So, it’s unclear as to if she’s leaking now or not.  We know there’s one spot we are going to have to hit.  Praise God we have been doing construction for a few years now.  There really isn’t too much we can get into with her that we can’t fix.

It’s just, “I don’t wanna!”

I am SOOOooo hoping that the leaks have already been dealt with and we can just tear out the damaged pieces.  And put on her new duds.

We have to put in a bunk room.  The boys are none to happy about having to share a room let alone living in a camper.  I’m sure we will have a season of attitude adjustment.

“I’m the Mom!”                           ” I said so!”                      ” Get over it!”

How was that?

We’ve sorta figured out where everyone will sleep.   Ramblin’ Rose will have an over cab bunk.  I’m kinda thinking we should have a permanent mount.  There will be enough annoying things to deal with.  Why not let her have her own room?

The littles, Prancing Polie and the Henman will have a little bunk established over the dinette.  This will have to be constructed nightly.  Grr.  But, I think we have come up with some cool ideas how to put this together.  I may say forget it and have it permanent too.

The older boys. Robosapien and Occasional crabby dude (OCD) hey what’s the fun of having teens if you can’t pick on them? Anyhoo. The almost men, will have the room in the back. They smell weird. So being beyond the toilet should mask some of their scent.

Wish us luck! It will definitely be an adventure.


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