What’s in a name?

Cray Crays.  It will be the Cray Cray bus! When we announced some time ago that we were contemplating selling everything and moving into a bus or RV so that we could more easily pursue mission deputation, this is what was mockingly being said about us. Hurtful.  Mean. I chewed on this for quite some […]

Get Your Heels on!

Do you KNOW how much RV wheels cost?! Seriously.  You may as well buy a new RV when the babies wear out.  That is, unless you know someone who knows someone. We have a friend that has a friend that is a scrapper.  And what does he scrap?  Neener neener neeeeener.  RV’s So he dug […]


Welcome to the Cray Crays Roll! We are real excited about what God’s doin’ in our lives.  We recently sold our house and are starting this cray cray adventure.  The Ole girls been bought and just waitin’ for us.  She’s needing some new shoes.  And a little make up.  She’s let herself go in a […]